Do It Yourself Program accountant

Great that you want to start with Visma Nmbrs! Setting up Visma Nmbrs can be done in different ways:

  • Do It Yourself – You can do the implementation by yourself on the basis of this to do list. You can also use our knowledge base. If you can't figure something out, our support is just there for you!
  • Up&Go – Do you want to do the implementation together with an experienced partner? Then choose one of our Up&Go programs.

The to do list below will help you set up your Nmbrs environment. Take the time to set it up. If after reading the articles, you are not able to figure something out. Then don't be afraid to contact our support department. The steps are based on the Nmbrs onboarding app, which can be found under the implementation button as soon as you log in for the first time. In this article, we'll cover the following steps:

  1. Invite your colleagues
  2. Bring structure
  3. Import the data
  4. Control the data
  5. Last check
  6. HR roll out


1. Nodig jouw collega's uit

The first stap is to invite your colleagues. Your colleagues can help you with the design of your environment. This means you are not alone.

If necessary, set the correct read and write permissions for your colleagues.


2. Bring structure

In this stap you will work at the highest level. By creating all kinds of standards here, you will soon only have to activate them at a company/ These steps are not crucial for rewarding employees. But it will help you in the end!

Give Visma Nmbrs your own logo & theme colors.

Create the collective labor agreement models for the collective labor agreements that pay you a lot. Check the already completed models and create any missing models

Create standard ledger account schedules, so that you only have to activate them per company.

Create workflows so that Visma Nmbrs gets to work for you.

Activate mutation forms so that employees and customer can submit changes themselves.

Set up the holiday allowance reservation. 

Keep an overview of your environment by linking debtors to colleagues. You can do this by using debtor tags.

Create default companies, so you can set up new customers faster.

Create default employees so that employees are created in no time.

Within Visma Nmbrs it is possible to link other programs with Visma Nmbrs.


3. Import the data

Use our import function to add employees and other companies. Filling the import file and importing it can be done in different ways.

Convert the data file of the current salary package to a Visma Nmbrs import file.

If the application is not listed, you can choose to use the payroll XML converter.

You can also choose to use the Visma Nmbrs import template.

Mark all companies that are part of this conversion project as "test company". This ensures that certain actions are not performed for a company, that no workflow and HR signals are sent, and that no output can be sent. This is especially useful when shadowing new customers in the current year,

4. Control the data

 In this step you check the data. If you are not satisfied, you can of course always make changes.

View the interactive payslips of different types of employees (full-time, on-call workers, deviating schemes, etc.).

  • You can view the interactive payslip by going to an employee → payslips.

Process a payroll run. Pay particular attention to the warnings that arise as a result of the run control.

Control the salary documents.

If you are not satisfied yet, you can decide to delete the run and make the desired changes.

  • You remove the wage orders by going to the company → wage order → salary run more → click on the cross to the right of the wage run.

You can also choose to test a few things in the Sandbox environment first. Any changes you make in the Sandbox have no effect on the live environment.


5. Last check

Now it's time to actually use Visma Nmbrs for all HR and payroll processes..

Are you going to start with the payroll in Visma Nmbrs this year?

Import holiday allowance reservation, leave balance and BT annual salary in the first period of the year.

Execute the payroll run for the periods already closed.

Also read what to keep in mind when you start with Visma Nmbrs

Are you going to start the payroll in Visma Nmbrs next year?

Then remove the trial payroll assignments after the test phase has been completed.

  • Go to the Company → Payroll run → Salary Run More → Click on the cross to the right of the strip.

Set the current period of the company to January next year.

  • Go to Company → General → Company Settings.

Do the year transition to make sure the new tax rules are applied.

Put all companies live. This means that you uncheck the "test company" box again. 


6. HR roll-out

Before giving employees and customers access to Visma Nmbrs, it is important to determine what they can see and do.

Set the correct read and write permissions for employees, managers and other users.

Set up customer invoicing.

Set up the transaction forms for all companies.

Receive email notifications of important events, such as birthdays and expiring contracts.

Personalize the emails sent to all users.

Create customer logins and give them access.

Create employee logins and give them access.

Create manager logins and grant them access.


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