My Nmbrs® account

This category contains information about your account as an account owner in Nmbrs®.


Account owner

Each environment has an account owner. The owner is authorised to view invoice details and change the current monthly subscription.


Customised environment in Nmbrs® (Theme)

It's possible to create your own theme for your Nmbrs® environment, with a special colour scheme and logo. Whenever customers log in, they will also see this familiar theme. E-mail messages and signal texts can also be adapted and personalised as you wish. These alerts, just like the environment, are available in multiple languages (SE/NL/EN/DE).


Security settings

If desired, you can adjust the following settings to provide extra security in both your own environment and the user's:


Privacy and legislation

Nmbrs® has an ISAE 3402 type II report.


Knowledge base