Import / Export

This category describes importing, exporting and converting data to/from Nmbrs. It covers the following topics:

 General principles

  • Use the Nmbrs®  template (Excel format) to do an import or update. You can download the template via all import/export dashlets.
  • An import, update or export always takes place within the current period.
  • The layout of the Nmbrs®  template is protected to prevent errors. This means the columns can't be moved, deleted or hidden. It is possible to add, delete or sort rows. 
  • The import or update file can only contain plain text (no formulas or macros).
  • An import or update can't be undone! Incorrect data has to be deleted manually. That's why we advise to always test your import or update in the Sandbox.

Importing data

The import feauture can be used to import a variety of data ranging from new employees to wage components. 

Updating data

In case you want to make some bulk changes to already existing employees, you can use the update option. 

All data in the update file will be updated, so please make sure the file only contains data that needs to be updated. 

Exporting data

Data in Nmbrs® can be exported to Excel. This is useful when you want modify the data on existing employees, for example. This way, you do not have to re-enter all the data. This can be done at both the debtor and company levels. It is also possible to export the entire environment. This can be used to convert data from one Nmbrs environment to another Nmbrs environment, for example.


To make the conversion of data from your current payroll system to Nmbrs® as easy as possible, we have created a converter for the following systems:



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