Import / Export

This category describes importing, exporting and converting data to/from Nmbrs. It covers the following topics:

Importing data

It is possible to import different data into Nmbrs®, including employees (at the company level), cost centres, fixed and variable wage components, leave balances and sectors. The import takes place via an Excel file based on a template called 'Import Sheet Tabs'. If data is modified, then an update must be done.

Please note:If you carry out an update, then all the data in the Excel sheet will be updated. That means we also overwrite the existing (correct) data. Hiding fields in the Excel file does not change this. If you want to make an update, you will only have to enter (retain) the data in Excel that you actually want to change.

Please note: The import file may contain formulas or macros; only 'clean' text can be imported. In addition, the format must remain the same (no modifications in rows 1 and 2).

Please note:: An update/import can only take place within the current period.



Exporting data

Data in Nmbrs® can be exported to Excel. This is useful when you want modify the data on existing employees, for example. This way, you do not have to re-enter all the data. This can be done at both the debtor and company levels. It is also possible to export the entire environment. This can be used to convert data from one Nmbrs environment to another Nmbrs environment, for example.