With Sandbox, you work in Visma Nmbrs without modifying data in the real, live database. Sandbox operates in a different environment. Settings and changes in this environment have no influence on your administration in Visma Nmbrs. You use Sandbox whenever you want to make adjustments, but first want to safely test the consequences of these adjustments. If the Sandbox test provides the desired results, you can make the same adjustments in the live environment in Visma Nmbrs.

The Sandbox database is overwritten every night by the live database. So, the data you see in the Sandbox environment is only one day old. This means that whenever you import new data into the live environment, these adjustments are only shown in Sandbox the following day.

Please note: The Sandbox database is overwritten with data from the live database every night. The changes made in Sandbox are therefore overwritten and cannot be reset either in the live environment or in the Sandbox environment. The changes that you want to implement therefore have to be imported into the live environment as well.

Sandbox can be activated for Accountant users with an Accountant login and for Business users with a debtor login. Sandbox is not available for client logins.

Sandbox is a test environment and does not transmit any notifications, Wage tax declarations, Pension exports or Journal exports.

Activating Sandbox

Go to Accountant login or business login under 'Users' in 'Settings' on Master level. 


Click on the user's name to activate Sandbox.


Sandbox Link


A link to Sandbox shows up for the users in the upper right corner.
Sandbox will open in a new tab. To close Sandbox, you can close the tab.


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