(Accountant) Start up Wizard

PLEASE NOTE: To use this functionality, you first have to set the dashlet to 'on' in the template user!

The Start Up wizard has been added as final preparation for the Go-Live of newly imported companies (new clients or all companies during a conversion). This wizard can be accessed from the Start screen in the Actions menu.

Please note: the wizard applies settings per Tag, so it's efficient to use ONE tag for new clients (for instance, 'Conversion').


This wizard consists of three different actions, which are described step-by-step below:

Action 1: Activate test company

During the implementation, the workflow settings and notification settings are activated for all (new) companies, including workflow settings for executing automatic runs and sending email notifications. For companies that are not yet Live it is advisable not to perform these actions. When selecting companies (via one or more tags) you can activate the 'Test company' check mark using the action 'Activate test company'. Below is an explanation of the 'Test company' setting. Regarding the tag, for example, you can select the 'Conversion' tag here; this should be activated for all new debtors.

Whenever the 'Test Company' tick-box has been ticked on the company level:

  • Do NOT automatic HR signals are sent
  • Do NOT automatic workflow actions are performed
  • NO workflow signals are sent
  • Can NOT wage tax declarations can be submitted, either manually or automatically
  • Can NOT pension exports can be submitted, either manually or automatically
  • NO invoices can be sent
  • NO XML reports can be sent
  • NO journal exports can be sent to integrated accounting applications
  • Will NOT visible in the workflow on the highest level

Whenever the 'Test Company' tick-box has been ticked on the company level:

  • signals are STILL sent for user accounts (activation, etc.)
  • signals are STILL sent for leave of absence (requests, approvals, etc.)
  • workflow tasks can STILL be executed manually, apart from the exceptions listed above
  • integrations STILL work that were created via an API token linked with a user's account. . 


When you have selected a tag, you will see an overview of the companies concerned after clicking 'Next'. Then, after clicking 'Next' again, you will carry out the action and see the overview of companies for which the check mark 'Test company' has been activated.

Action 2. Preparation for starting

With this action, company settings that are time consuming and error prone when done manually can be adjusted (per tag) for the Go-Live.

Please note: the wizard will only apply the settings for companies for which the setting 'Test company' (see Action 1) has been activated.

  • all completed runs for the selected companies will be deleted! (please note: this cannot be undone!)
  • company settings are adjusted so that the year end can be set to the year ahead (please note: to actually change the year, the 'Companies year end' wizard still has to be run after this)
  • company settings are changed to Start Period 1 of the year ahead
  • all planned workflow tasks in the current (old) year are deleted
  • leave settings at company level are copied over to the new year.

Please note: 

Wage tax declarations are not deleted with the Start up wizard, because any wage tax declarations deleted (in error) after submission would cause a lot of issues.Wage tax declarations can be manually deleted per company.


Action 3: Deactivating test company

After the Go-Live, the check mark 'Test company' can be deactivated via this action for the converted companies. From then on the workflow and HR notifications will be sent for these companies, and payroll taxes, pension exports, XML absence reports and journal entries can be sent.


Possible scenario(s)

This wizard can be run in parallel multiple times, for different tags or different imports (batches).

Action 1 Action 1 can be used during the implementation and can be performed multiple times for one or more (conversion) tags. It makes no difference whether or not a company is already set to 'Test company'.

Action 2 can be used when all companies to be converted have been imported, and can be executed multiple times for one or more (conversion) tags. For the year end, it is advisable to wait until all companies for one (conversion) tag are ready (when Action 2 has been performed). Otherwise the year end for some companies will be performed several times. This won't do any harm, but it's inefficient.

Action 3 can be used after running the year end, when the companies are actually going Live. This can be executed multiple times for one or more (conversion) tags.

If Action 3 is executed after the automatic workflows start in the new year, any missed workflow actions can still be performed via the workflow wizards.


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