Customize the theme

In Visma Nmbrs you have the option of creating your own theme. In your own theme, you can determine what you want your environment to look like. You can choose your own colours for it and display your own logo in the system. When your clients log in, they'll see your familiar theme with your logo.

My Account


If you are the account owner for the accounting system, you'll see "My Account" in the top right corner.

Here you can manage your account; e.g. adjust your own theme.

Theme settings



Go to Theme settings to start creating your own theme.



There are two tabs under theme settings: Theme and Environment.

At the top of the Environment tab you'll see the URL of your own environment. This is the URL you have specified with us and is not something you can change yourself.

The following are details that you can modify yourself:

  • Name- This is your system name. This name will appear in the browser.
  • Welcome message- The welcome message appears on the login screen. You get to the login screen by going to the URL above.
  • Sender emails - Email notifications that are sent will have this sender address. This means that any responses will go to this address as well.
  • Help URL - A Help button is located at the top right of the screen. Here you specify which web address this button directs to. This might be our help page or your own contact page, for example.
  • Language - This enables you to set the default language of the entire accounting system to Dutch, English, Swedish or German. (You can alter this at the user level!)
  • McAfee icon - You can choose to display the McAfee icon on the login page. This icon shows that the web page is secure.

After the settings have been entered, click Apply.



Here you can modify the colours of your own theme. Everything you modify here can be seen on the right as soon as you've saved the settings. Here you can see a small example.

See the examples at the end of this page to see which colour setting you'll see in your environment.


Clicking on the area with the colour codes opens a colour palette. Here you select a colour you'd like. The result of your choice is shown immediately on the right in the example.

Please note: if the header colour and spot colour are the same, you won't see the log-out button. To solve this, you can change the header colour or the spot colour.

Please note: It's not possible to modify the left bar.



Here you can upload your logos to display in your environment.

Small logo - This logo is displayed when the user is logged into the system. This logo needs to be in .PNG format. The best size for this logo is w:130px h:50px.

Large logo - This logo is displayed on the login page. This logo needs to be in .PNG format. The best size for this logo is w:250px h:70px.

Favicon - The favicon is displayed in your browser. The favicon needs to be in .ICO format. The favicon is very small.

Once you've selected the logo, click upload. You'll immediately see the result in miniature on the right-hand side in the example.




1. Large logo

2. Header

3. Main colour

4. Welcome message

5. OpenID


1. Small logo

2. Header

3. Spot colour and main colour for text

4. Main colour



1. Environment name

2. Favicon


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