HR Workflow

With the HR Workflow in Nmbrs® you can manage all daily HR tasks with workflows for multiple employees or individual tasks for a specific employee. Tasks can be assigned to different users, making sure the right person can complete the task.

How to create individual tasks

Go to the HR tab on employee level > Tasks employee and click on 'more'.

Click on 'add' to create a new task. Choose a title, description, expiration date and assign the task to the right user. 

How to create a workflow (standard list of tasks) 

Go to Settings (Master level for Nmbrs Business, Debtor level for Nmbrs Accountant) > HR Settings > HR Workflow.

1. Click on 'add' under 'Default Workflow'. Choose a title, expiration date and the moment the system starts counting (e.g. will the task expire a certain amount of days after the start of the workflow or after the previous task). Click on the + sign to add additional tasks. When the workflow is complete click on 'add' to save the workflow.

2. To be able to apply a workflow to an employee, the workflow needs to be part of a case. Click on 'add' under 'Case' and choose a title. If you want the workflow to be automatically applied after the case is started for an employee select the workflow you just created in the 'Connect Default Workflow' dropdown. Click on 'add' to save the case. 

Task details (e.g. expiration date, assignee) can be edited once a workflow is applied to an employee. 

How to apply a workflow for an employee

A workflow can be applied manually or automatically via an HR-Signal.

Apply a workflow manually

1. Go to the HR tab on employee level > Cases Employee and click on 'more'.

2. Click on 'add' and select the case. You can add a description, assign the case to a user and set the start date. If the case has a connected workflow this will automatically set the 'default workflow'. If the case has no connected workflow you can select a workflow in the dropdown. Click on 'add' to apply the case to the employee. 

3. Click on the case to access the case and view the workflow. Here you can change task specific settings (e.g. the assignee) via the pencil icon or delete a task. 

Apply a workflow via an HR-Signal

Go to Settings (Master level for Nmbrs Business, Debtor level for Nmbrs Accountant) > Signals > HR Signals > tab Signals.

1. Click on the signal that you want to connect to the workflow and select 'default case' in the Signal dropdown. 


Where can I find my tasks?

Go to Start > My HR tasks to find an overview of all your expired tasks, tasks that need to be done today and within the next 7 days.


Employees can complete or skip a task. Other users can also edit a task or assign it to a different user.

Tasks should only be assigned to users that have access to an employee.



E-mail notifications for tasks are still under development. 





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