Starting with Nmbrs during the year

It is possible to start using Nmbrs during the current calendar year. For the salary administration that has already been processed in another application in the current calendar year, the payslips and the wage tax declarations must be reconstructed per period in Nmbrs.

For the remaining part of the implementation you follow the step-by-step plan, only for re-building you follow the (deviating) steps below.

Rebuilding is essential for a correct payroll administration. The cumulatives must be calculated correctly, this is only possible if the employee has been processed from the first period of the year that an employee was employed.

If incorrect strips have been produced and/or incorrect wage declarations have been sent during the periods to be rebuilt, this must also be rebuilt incorrectly. Rebuilt wage tax returns are not submitted, but marked as "sent". From the moment that you actually start processing your payroll and sending in wage tax declarations via Nmbrs, you can make a correction in Nmbrs to the previous periods by means of a correction run. This correction is then included in the next wage tax return that you actually submit.

Please note: always complete the entire payroll process including the creation of the wage tax declaration in a certain period, before moving on to the next period. If you do several runs including the correction run before you create the wage declarations, the corrections will be processed in the initial wage declaration.


When implementing and entering the company data, set the start period to the period in which you want to start re-building. This can be done in the import sheet under "starting year" and "starting period" or when manually creating the company. You can set this in the "Company Settings" dashlet.

Then import the companies and employees, or create them manually for a small number.

It is also useful to activate the "test company" setting at the companies to be reconstructed.


With the option "Start of invoicing period" you can indicate from which period the invoicing must start. From the indicated starting period it is also only possible to actually send the wage tax return to the tax authorities. Before the start of this period you only have the option "Mark as sent".


Make sure that you are in possession of all payslips (including employees who are out of service but have been paid in this calendar year) and all wage tax returns. Build per period and check the output per employee.

You can reconstruct the wage tax declarations as soon as the output of the payroll run is correct. In the "Wage Tax declaration" dashlet, create wage declarations per period and check per period whether the values ​​on the wage tax declarations are equal to the values ​​of the wage tax declarations already submitted.

Never submit the wage tax declaration that you have recreated to the tax authorities for a second time, but mark it as sent. To do this, click on the envelope and choose the "Mark as sent" option. Then click on the "Send" button.

You mark all wage tax declarations as sent until the wage tax declaration is actually submitted. At that time you must select the "Send to the Tax Authorities" option.


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