Adjust user template

You can adjust a template; this adjustment will then simultaneously be applied to all (linked) users. 

Below follows a description of how to adjust this.



  1. In the menu via 'Settings', go to 'Users -> User templates'
  2. Click on the square under 'Dashboard' next to the template you want to adjust.
  3. Select the tab you want to adjust. In this case, 'Overviews'
  4. Adjust the required dashlets:
    • N = None, the dashlet is not visible
    • R = Read, the dashlet is visible, but data cannot be adjusted
    • W = Write, the dashlet is visible and data can be adjusted
  5. You can never assign more permissions to the 'underlying' dashlets than has been configured on the Dashboard.


When the dashlets are 'clicked away' and appear underneath one another in the overview under 'add dashlet' they are accessible to the client via settings.
When you click on the line (name), this will be shown on the left of the screen.
The dashlets which are there can be found directly on the page.


Please note: When you have adjusted a template, press the button 'apply template for users' under 'User templates' to implement the adjustments. It may be that users have to login again before the adjustments that have been made become visible.





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