Up & Go with Basecamp

With the Basecamp project management tool, the Customer Success team works together with colleagues, external consultants and clients on one or more projects at the same time. All associated documents, tasks, messages, events, planning, mails and communication are neatly set out in one location.

The tool is clear and user-friendly. Email traffic between colleagues and clients about a certain project is no longer necessary, the tool ensures fast and efficient communication.


You are invited to Basecamp by Nmbrs via this email and you can create a password and login to your account via the link. If you want to have other colleagues added, please let Nmbrs know.

All tasks belonging to the implementation of Nmbrs are subdivided per step of the implementation process, steps 1 to 6. You can put the tasks in your own name or the name of a colleague and tick these off when completed. Each task should have an end date so that you can see what is outstanding and within which time period.


Communication is more important than graphs and statistics where projects are concerned. On your personal homepage (after login) there is always an actual overview of all recent changes and additions to the project.

Within Basecamp we can work on several projects at the same time. As soon as a project is created, the project members will be added. It is also possible to invite third parties and to give them the opportunity to react to (some of the) parts.

Basecamp works with fixed parts:

  • Discussions prevent the mailbox of project members from overflowing. Messages are visible to the entire project group or to one or several persons. If desired, project members can be informed by email about newly posted discussions.
  • The To-dos is the task list of the project. Members may add main and subordinate activities. To-do lists are available for each meeting, which serve as preparation or which are carried out in the course of the day.
  • Files ensure that each person has access to documents during a project. New versions may be added by other uses, while earlier documents continue to be available as well.
  • Forwarded emails are emails which have been sent in relation to the project. In essence, email is superfluous during the project, you can communicate directly via Basecamp.
  • Events covers the planning of a project such as the Kick Off. Here, the appointments on location are indicated and also who directs these meetings.


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