Global Update Notes 26-01-2022

We just finished the update of 26-01-2022.

New feature

Support for ATK: Arbetstidsförkortning (Work time shortage)

This is to earn minutes to a time bank, based on worked hours in a week. It’s similar to the Compensation hours, but the buildup is different.
Documentation can be found here: Kompensationstid och flextid


Model number visible

For the labour agreement models (leave, wage, etc.), we now show the number of the model in the dropdown.

Mobile app improvements

The mobile app was improved both functionally and visually (the following improvements will be rolled out to all users over the next week).

  • There is a new way to reset your password, in case you forgot it.
  • A lot of new images have been added.
  • We found a way to let users know if the version of their app is too old.
  • The page to remind you of the domain that is needed to login to is improved.
  • When switching to another app, you won’t be logged out directly, but only after a while.

Dashboard Absence

This update features many improvements regarding dashboard Absence. The improvement with the most impact will be that the dashboard is now generated using our background task framework. The result be be that generating the dashboard will not time-out anymore.

Solved bugs

Prisbasbelopp for sick pay from day 15

From January 2022 onward, we changed the maximum salary from 8 prisbasbelopp to 10 prisbasbelopp.

Overview Provided items sometimes empty

In some cases, the Provided items overview turned out empty. This is now solved.


Knowledge base