Global Update Notes 12-01-2022

We just finished the update of 12-01-2022.


Digital Signing usage improvements

With three improvements on the Digital Signing functionality, the creation of a good-looking signature is now easier than ever.

  • The ratio of the signature boxes are now fixed, which will result in signatures that always look exactly like the way they were drawn.
  • The font of the date is not anymore connected to the size of the signature box, but will always be 10px and visible on the bottom right of the signature.
  • The pen would sometimes move a bit away from the mouse, whenever the drawing would go fast. This is solved now.

Solved bug

Pro Rata calculation for 30% rule with minimum

The Pro rata factor for the 30% rule with minimum wasn’t correct. 

Calculation is now:
(number of employee schedule days + extra days input) / (260 / periods/year)

Salary split (special table option 3) outputs wrong table special tarif

When an employee has a salary-split the wrong special table tarif was applied, this is now fixed.

Calculation TSF (tijdspaarfonds)

For the calculation we used 261 SV days, we changed this to 260 SV days.


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