Global Update Notes 23-03-2022

We just finished the update of 23-03-2022.

New feature

SEPA-file for Handelsbanken and Danske bank

With this update, we release the SEPA file for customers using the banks Handelsbanken and Danske bank. Please note that, until the next update, companies without BIC are not yet supported.
Support article: (coming soon)


Authentication (device ID): remove trusted devices

As a follow up on the new device ID functionality that allows users to add trusted devices to Nmbrs, it’s now possible to see a list of these devices and remove them.
The trusted devices are available on the user profile page.

Multitab warning

Nmbrs does not support multiple tabs with Nmbrs open at the same time. This may create data damage, like assignment of data to the wrong employees or companies. To make that clearer, we now show a warning stating that if you really need to use 2 windows you could use different 2 browsers instead. That option still allows 2 windows, while the data is saved correctly anyway.

SSN and date validation

To avoid errors in the SSN or birthdate when creating a new employee, we are now validating both fields together in the 'New employee wizzard'.

Sandbox available for business customers

The Sandbox functionality is now available for our business customers as well.

Solved bug

SEPA file error message

If an employee had a bank account input with - or blank space, the error message: “Attention: a legacy bank account has to consist of 11-16 digits.” was wrongfully shown, even though the bank account did consist of 11-16 digits. This has been solved.


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