Global Update Notes 09-03-2022

We just finished the update of 09-03-2022.


Nationality mandatory on First day at work form

In accordance with a community wish, the field ‘Nationality’ on the First day at work Form is now mandatory. This should make the payrolling process smoother, as nationality is required: omitting it leads to a run check error.

Solved bugs

Incorrect starting date of salary for employees in service during period when using 'New employee' mutation form

When the 'New employee' mutation form was used for employees going in service during the period (later than the first of the month), the starting date of their salary would be based on the in service date instead of the first of the month. This would lead to an incorrect calculation for the salary for that period. From now on, the staring date of the salary is set to the first of the month.

API: SVW_UPDATE incorrectly allowed updating of TSN

Using the API, it was possible to update the TSN (Tax sequence number) in 'forbidden' periods. We fixed that: the API now applies the same rules as the web app. You can still edit the other SVW settings in those periods, as long as the TSN remains the same.

Period payslip shown after downloading retroactive correction / pre-run payslip

When downloading the payslip for a retroactive correction from the salary documents, the payslip per period was shown and not the payslip of the correction. This has been solved.


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