Global Update Notes 16-03-2022

We just finished the update of 16-03-2022.


ID uploaded through First day at work form visible in My documents

Employees were already able to upload their ID through the First day at work mutation form. Now the ID will also be shown in My documents.

[Word Add-in] Company car token 'Percentage tax addition private use'

In the previous update, we released the first company car tokens. With this update we have added the 'Percentage tax addition private use' token.

[API] Token for manager logins

We added the possibility of generating an API token for Manager logins.

Option to switch template for employee login (update 09-03-2022)

When an employee goes in or out of service, currently it’s necessary to change permissions. This is done by deleting the user account and creating a new one. Since most of the employees only have 1 profile, the deletion will cause a deletion of the user entity. This means that the employee has to go through the hassle of activating the account and setting the password again. Sometimes they also miss the activation period, causing even more hassle. It's now possible to change the permissions without the user entity being deleted.
This has been a request in our community, more details here.


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