Global Update Notes 02-03-2022

We just finished the update of 02-03-2022.


Signing document on mobile phone

With our latest update, we made it easier to sign a document on tablet and mobile phone. Together with recent improvements on the responsiveness of Nmbrs on a tablet or mobile phone, signing documents on these devices is now supported for employees.
For other user types it’s possible on tablets as well, however on a mobile phone it’s easiest through the ‘My Tasks’ dashlet.

Company logo token

From now on it’s possible to add a 'company logo' token to the document templates with the Microsoft Word Add-in. This token uses the company logo that is set at the company, with similar sizing as on the pay-slip. (200 x 115 pixels max). This token works only in the body of a document, not in the header or footer.

Lease car tokens

We also added company car & lease car contract tokens, coming from this wish.


  • Start date lease period
  • Contribution private use
  • Catalogue Value
  • Percentage tax addition private use


  • License plate
  • Brand
  • Model

Hour model added to Mutation form settings

By popular demand on our community, we have added the option to select an hour model in the Mutation form settings (company level). This will make it possible to also let employee use the expenses declaration module, e.g. for occasional overtime.

Important: this improvement will not immediately be available in the Nmbrs app (iOS & Android), this will be the case in a later stage.

‘Navigate to' tasks in HR Workflow Settings

The number of votes for this improvement was not as high as for the improvement mentioned above, but still considerable (1,2). With the latest change on the HR Workflow Settings, a user is now able to create 'Navigate to' tasks him-/herself. With these tasks, a user is redirected to the right place where a certain action needs to be done.

Expense declaration required field

It’s important that employees select the correct expense they want to declare. Therefore we made the field required and not pre-filled, so that the decision needs to be made consciously. If there’s no decision to be made, the employee doesn’t need to make one of course.

Nationality mandatory

From now on the nationality is a mandatory field in the 'New employee wizard'. This information is necessary for the wage tax declaration. The country of birth will no longer be mandatory.

Improvements on IP validation

In the current situation, with more and more people using a mobile phone to access Nmbrs, we noticed that the IP validation became an increasingly less effective and user friendly security functionality. To improve the user friendliness, a new security feature was added that will enable the users to add their device to a list of trusted devices. Once this is done, the IP validation is no longer needed, making the user experience much better without reducing the security. This functionality will be rolled out in the following weeks.

Deleting own user profiles

It was not possible to delete the user profiles connected to the user account. Now it is.

Solved bugs

Company login without companies

It's no longer possible to log into Nmbrs without having at least 1 company selected.

Overview Provided items sometimes empty

In some cases, the Provided items overview turned out empty. This is now solved.

Empty user templates

It was possible to create user templates without a description, which made it hard to figure out what they were related to. This is no longer possible.

R&D maximum value incorrect

We incorrectly used the old maximum value from 2021, but now the maximum value of 2022 is used.

Multiple labor agreements on company level

In some cases it was not possible to select two labor agreements on master level. This is again possible.

L2380: incorrect full sick deduction

If an employee is sick for a full month, she/he has a deduction of the entire salary on L2380. An employee can have different types of sickness entries in a month: 100%, 75%, etc. We incorrectly deducted a full month's salary if an employee had a combination of different sickness entries. We’ve fixed this problem, so now it’s only time registration code M1004 that triggers a full month's deduction.


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