Global Update Notes 30-03-2022

We just finished the update of 30-03-2022.


New UI for the mobile app

With the previous update, the mobile ESS app already received some new images. This time we gave the homepage of the app a complete make-over. All important functionalities (provided the employee has access to them) are now directly visible on the homepage, which makes it much easier for employees to find what they need.

Ascription field available on First day at work form

Employees could fill in their last name (own last name + partner’s last name), but they couldn’t specify how they wish to be addressed. This meant extra actions outside the First day at work form to complete the employee information. For the sake of completeness and to prevent extra work, we have added the ascription field to the form.

Solved bugs

Moving or extending entry in calendar triggers warning

For companies with payment in advance, there was an 'Unprotected mode' warning pop-up if a user tried to change a calendar entry in an existing month. Not anymore!

SEPA not working for company without BIC

For companies without a BIC number, the SEPA file was not working for Handelsbanken and Danske bank. We’ve solved this, so you can now enter a bank account number for a company without inserting the bic.


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