Global Update Notes 17-06-2021

We just finished the update of 17-06-2021. 


Overview completed product feedback

Since a couple of weeks, it has been possible on the Nmbrs Community to see what product feedback we are currently working on.
From this week it is also possible to see what product feedback we have completed in the last 3 months. This is a rolling overview, that goes back 3 months. The list can be found here.

Curious to see but no access? Ask the account owner of your environment to help you out!

New feature

Lower social securities for young employees

Employees between 18-22 year will get reduced social securities during June, July and August 2021. It will go from 19,73% to 10,21% for these three months. See this article for more information about this new feature.


New hire: less required fields

After the major improvements in the ‘New employee wizard’, we have listened carefully to your feedback. For the ‘New hire’ too many fields were mandatory, so we adjusted that. The fields that a ‘New hire’ can fill with the First day at work form are now optional and/or removed. We kept the Contract fields, but they are only required if you choose to add contract information.
We had to remove the Salary and Schedule step completely, since those fields can be made partially optional.

Document folders

Using Nmbrs to store all the employees’ digital files is happening a lot, and that’s what we want! However, we’ve received requests to make it easier to apply a structure to the documents. When uploading a document in dashlet Personal Information, a folder called Personal Information was created automatically. This was a useful way to create a structure, but not very clear. Next to that, moving a folder to another folder was not possible.

With the update of tonight, we made it possible to move a document from folder to folder, even if the folder doesn’t exist yet. We make it clear which folder is already in use and which will be a new one after putting a document in.
The folders that can be used are based on the features that currently allow document uploading.

Reporting Framework V2 uses new UX web components

With this update, we start using the new UX web components on the Reporting Framework V2. The layout of the filters changed and is now using the latest UX components.

Solved bugs

Smaller bugs in the New employee wizard

  • It is again possible to add negative fixed wage components (solved on 15-06).
  • The order of salary tables has been configured to show Debtor - Master - System, instead of the other way around.
  • First name in full and Birthplace have been added to the Payroll/External employee types.
  • Employees with a salary table can be copied again.
  • When using a min/max percentage, the percentage is applied again.
  • Users don’t need write rights on ‘Manage employees’ to enter the Wizard anymore.

HR Workflow: task activation

When tasks were supposed to be active after previous tasks, but there were multiple previous tasks before that with activation after Start, Nmbrs would get confused. Now the tasks start after the previous tasks, if it is setup like that.


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