Global Update Notes 03-01-2019

We just finished the update of 03-01-2019. From now on it is possible to do the year transit (2018-2019) for Sweden and to run in 2019. Next to that all the tax tables, special rates, wage codes and national holidays are updated with the values for 2019.

For more information about the year transit, see this article:

Improvements and new features

Same wage principle bookkeeping + salary raise

If an employees salary or parttime factor changes, then the value of his entitled and saved vacation days will also change. From 2019 onwards this is included in the bookkeeping output. The earned vacation value can you find on wage code 9019 and its social security value on wage code 9020. 

These codes will replace the old bookkeeping wage codes for earned vacation value. These are:

  • W9000
  • W9001
  • W9002
  • W9003

Make sure you link the new codes in your ledger scheme. 

Same wage principle bookkeeping take up

In 2018 the bookkeeping wage codes for vacation take up (W9004 - W9007 and W9012 -9018) had several problems. They didn't cover all cases, for example the service interval end payments weren't in there. Next to that there were in total 10 codes for the take up. For this issue we also made some nice improvements. 

From now on the take up includes all take up values that are automatically calculated by Nmbrs. And next to that the 10 wage codes are now 3 wage codes. You can use W9012 for the take up value of the days and W9004 and W9005 for the take up social security variable + non variable. 

Compensation hours bookkeeping + salary raise

If an employee salary changes, then the value of his compensation hours also change. Starting from 2019 this is included in the bookkeeping output as earned compensation hours value on W9130 and its social security value on W9131. 

New integration with Procountor

The new integration with Procountor is live! See this article how to set it up

Import/Export SE: Default behavior for employee schedules when importsheet tab is empty can result in incorrect amount of hours worked

When adding employee data via the import tool without defining their schedule on the EmployeeSchedule tab, Nmbrs would apply all hours defined in the company schedule to the employee schedule. Because this can lead to an incorrect amount of hours worked, from now on no schedule is created when it's not defined in the file. 



Filter new employee tab not working in IE

The filter for the new employee tab was not working properly in IE. Users who work with IE are now also able to filter normally.

Total values in PDF download

Whenever a wage components overview is downloaded to PDF format, the total values are set to 0. With this update, the correct total values are displayed in PDF files. 

Insufficient rights to create new HR signal settings

When adding a new HR signal setting on accountant level, the error 'insufficient rights to open this pop-up' appears. Users are able to add new HR signal settings again after this update.



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