Global Update Notes 15-02-2021

We just finished the update of 15-02-2021. 

New feature

Apple Id Login available to all users

With this update, the Apple Id Login is made available to all of our users. You can read more about the Apple Id Login in this KB article.


HR document Employer costs per cost center: translations added

When exporting this data to PDF, the header of the reports was not showing in the proper language of the user, but now it is.

User interface: new buttons

All buttons in Nmbrs have been changed visually and technically. We have made the buttons easier to read, according to web content accessibility guidelines.

Cancel subscription dates

The 'Cancel subscription' popup was allowing for a date 1 month sooner than it should. We changed it to show the correct months in which you can cancel your subscription.

System labour agreements in the Onboarding app

The Onboarding app forced you to pick a labour agreement before starting a Swedish Nmbrs environment. However, these ones were copied to your settings. Now we specifically use the system labour agreements for this, allowing for a much easier experience in your environment.

Solved bugs

Salary Documents: saving to File management not possible in some cases

If the company name contained an '/' and the user tried to save to File management, some salary documents were not saved. Fixed.

HR signal report on top level not generating

This has been fixed.

Employee list improvement

When an employee's email address was not filled in, the phone number was aligned on the right. This is now fixed.

Import of employees (debtor level) not working

Importing employees at debtor level was not working properly. This has been corrected.


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