Global Update Notes 28-01-2021

We just finished the update of 28-01-2021. 

Upcoming change

Apple Id Login available for all users

With the update of Feb 4th, we will rollout the Apple Id Login, which is currently a beta feature, to all users. You can read more about the Apple Id Login in this KB article.

New feature

Mobile app: employer's declaration for curfew

The latest update of the app contains the employer's declaration for Curfew. This document needs to have been uploaded to the employee documents with the recently created type of 'Curfew'.
If no document has been uploaded for the employee, the menu option to see it will not appear.


Import performance

We improved the speed of the import functionality.

Mobile app: 'Links' menu removed

The menu for the links was hardly used. It has been removed from the app as it was not providing added value to our customers.

Mobile app: pdf for expenses declaration

We now offer the possibility to upload pdf files, to have the document proof of an expenses declaration instead of only images.

Mobile app: address pre-filled

We now pre-fill the information of the existing address of the user in the address mutation form.

Mobile app: page Payslip under review clearer

The page that informs about a payslip under review was using an old color scheme, making it hard to read. We made some adjustments to improve readability.

Mobile app: editing in mutation forms causes crash

If there was no existing bank account number or address and the user tried to edit either of them in the mutation forms, a crash would occur. We now show the user a message explaining that an address or bank account number needs to be added first and redirect them from the Edit to the New section.

Mobile app: message when trying to use email address as domain

We now show a more specific message when a user tries to fill in his email address in the domain field, explaining what a domain is and where to find it if it's unknown.

Mobile app: better domain parsing

Many users fill in the whole URL, instead of just the domain, in the first step of the login. The result is URLs like
We now ignore the rest of the URL and only take the correct 'domain part' into account, facilitating login and reducing the number of errors.

HR Documents: expand color schemas for departments

The color schemas were fairly limited and made the overviews for HR Documents very confusing. We therfore expanded the number of available colors for these overviews.

Payslips per run

From now on we'll merge all periods per wage code for all groups except gross and net. Taxes, pension and payments are merged.

Empty Time Schedule

If an employee doesn't have any settings in the employee ‘Time schedule’ module, the run would break. From now on we'll treat this as if the employee has a schedule of 0 hours/week (same as in NL).

Solved bugs

Employee not visible in employee list

This could occur when the function had been deleted. Now, when a function is deleted at debtor level, the employees who had that function assigned to them have an empty function, similar to what happens when a department is deleted.

Twinfield: error when creating journals

There was no validation for the range of dimensions on the same position (example: [3-1] is not a valid setting but [3-9] is) but now there is.

Error updating education of employees

When using the 'Update' feature to update the education of employees, a long value for the grade lead to an error. This has now been fixed.

Startup wizard: false error

The startup wizard showed an error (even though it worked as intended) during step 'Set ready to start'. This has been fixed, so no more false positives should occur.

Updating employees 'deletes' them

When updating employees, there were some cases that marked employees in such a way that they were not shown in the employee list. This has been fixed.

Error 'Object Reference not set...' when using Update

This error occurred in some cases when using the Update feature. This is no longer the case.

Demos in 2021

Although 2021 had already started, the demos were still created with runs executed in 2020. This is corrected, so now everything is being created with dates in 2021.

Mobile app: translations

Some months and statuses were found to not be translated. This has been fixed and the texts are all in Swedish now.

Mobile app: mutation form types

The list of sent mutation forms did not display the type of mutation form that was sent. Fixed!

Mobile app: declarations allow empty value

The expenses declaration allowed the field of the value to be paid to be empty. This should not be the case, therefore it is now mandatory to fill it in.

Mobile app: leave equal to web app

It is once again possible to insert 0 hours in the leave, identical to the web app.

Report Wage components per period keeps loading in terminated environments

It was not possible for Nmbrs support nor for the environment owner to retrieve these reports from terminated environments. Fixed.

Week 53 missing from period filters in reports

Week 53 was not selectable in the overview filter of multiple overviews. This is fixed for the following reports.

Debtor level:

  • Wage Components Per Period (employee menu)

Company level:

  • Wage Components Per Period (employee menu)
  • Absence Overview

Company level time registration entries not created

If 'Pay in advance' = true, then the creation of magic code entries in the company time registration dashlet was not working. Now we create the entries correctly, like we do for 'Pay in advance' = false.

Time registration entry on 31/12 breaks interactive payslip

Magic code 1005 broke the interactive payslip when it was registered on 31/12; we fixed this.


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