Global Update Notes 10-09-2020

We just finished the update of 10-09-2020. 

Beta Feature

Export journals according to cash principle

From this week's update onward, for Procountor and 24 Seven Office the cash principle has been implemented. This means that corrections from past periods will not be booked on these past periods.


Compensation hours bookkeeping hourly rate

We used the hourly rate B20031 for the bookkeeping of the compensation hours. From now on we will use the hourly rate based on the settings of hours code H4007. Read more about this in our:

HR Workflow Settings & All HR Workflows Overview: fresh design

After the decision tasks being added to the HR Workflows, we decided it would be nice to see on the overview already which HR Workflows actually contain decision tasks, so it’s not needed to open the pop-up.
Next to that, with the new dashlet of the All HR Workflows Overview, it is now possible to immediately see which HR Workflow is in progress, or maybe even more important, which one is at risk of being delayed.


Two English translations were added to the General ledger schemes:

  • the 'Refresh' label;
  • the 'Selected' label (for the wage components filter).



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