General Ledger Scheme & Journals

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This article describes how to work with general ledger schemes and how journal entries can be set up and displayed. It also explains the cost allocations that can be applied, as well as the export and possible integration of journal entries.

Following subjects are mentioned within this article:


General ledger scheme

The articles below describe how a General ledger scheme can be created, modified and deleted:



The articles below describe how and where the journal entries are displayed:

Cost allocation

It is possible to enter a cost allocation. You can link an employee to one or more cost centers (and/or cost units).
You can also influence this cost allocation by adding a wage code or (worked) hourly code to the cost center:


Integrating and exporting journals

The journal entries can be exported to .pdf, .xlsx, .txt and to any other formats that can be read in your accounting package. The article below explains which export formats can be downloaded from Visma Nmbrs.

There is an integration with Visma Nmbrs for a number of accounting packages. This means that the journal entries can be sent directly from the Visma Nmbrs to the accounting system or that the journal entries can be retrieved from the accounting package. This applies to the following packages:


Sending Journals

To send the journals to a bookkeeping system, you can use the Journal Export:



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