Journal entries Export

After performing a run, it is possible to generate the journal entries via the functionality 'Journal entries Export' for the relevant run. From here, the journal entries can be sent to a bookkeeping system, but can also be downloaded separately.

Within this functionality, the journal entries with the generated content are always available, even when the run on which the journal entries are based is deleted. When the journal entries will be recalculated, this has no effect on journal entries that were previously created in the Journal entries Export.

Set up Template

To be able to use the Journal Export, the rights for this functionality must first be activated in the user template. Check this article how to adjust templates: Adjust Template


How to use the Journal Export

You will find the Journal Export under the tab 'Payroll Processing' or in the menu on the right. In the Journal Export, you can create journals (1) and mark them as send (2), or directly send them to the linked bookkeepingsystem. When an integration is set up on Masterlevel, the icon of the bookkeeping software will be showed at (2).


Deleted run and journals in the Journal Export

When a run is deleted where a journal entry is based, the journal entry will remain available via the 'Journal entries Export' functionality. The warning icon indicates that the relevant run has been deleted.


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