Set up or delete cost centers and cost units

Within Visma Nmbrs you can create multiple cost centers and cost units. In this article we will cover the following topics.


How do I create cost centers and cost units?

You can create cost centers and cost units at company level. Via the settings you navigate to the option 'Cost centers'. Select 'Add cost center' here. The same goes for cost units.


How do I link cost centers and cost units to employees?

Open the 'Cost center' dashlet at the relevant employee. By choosing 'Change cost center' you can select a cost center and link it to the employee. When you choose 'new cost center', a new cost center will be created at company level. Note: this is not linked to the employee.



The percentage 100% is entered by default; press the '+' sign after the percentage to add it. You must first save this cost center before setting a second cost center (at a different percentage).


It is also possible to import cost centers and carriers for several employees at the same time. The following article explains how to do this: Importing cost centers


Can I also see the cost centers and cost units in the journal entries?

Journal entries per cost center / carrier are available via the salary documents. By clicking on 'Change visible documents' in the dashlet, you can select these journal entries. They then become visible in the salary documents.



If you would like to see a split per employee / cost center / carrier, you can use the 'Journals report'.



How do I remove cost centers and cost units?

You can delete a cost center at company level. In certain cases you cannot delete a cost center. The situations are described below:

1. Linked to an employee

Via the `´Journal report´ you can quickly find out to which employee a cost center or carrier is linked. Then go to the relevant employee. Check if you are in the right period and open the lock if necessary. Select 'Change cost center' and remove using the cross.



2. Is linked to a wage / hours component at employee level

Change or delete the cost center at the wage or hours code at employee level. After this you can recalculate the journal entries via the company settings. The cost center and / or carrier is then no longer included in the journal entries.



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