Getting started Accountant

Starting out with Visma Nmbrs in a few simple steps

Take a look at the implementation process and choose the appropriate onboarding program

When you become a client, you'll be put in contact with our Start Up Team and an implementation specialist.

The Start Up Team helps you set up a project plan and can answer any questions about implementation and onboarding.

Once the implementation is complete and you have processed your first client in Visma Nmbrs, the onboarding is finished! How do I start the implementation? Choose one of the implementation strategies below.

Up & Go Program

The implementation plan with additional help from an external consultant and under the supervision of the Visma Nmbrs Start Up Team.

Do it Yourself Program

You carry out the implementation yourself, following our articles and under the supervision of the Visma Nmbrs Start Up Team.

Next Wave Program

The follow-up program for a further conversion/implementation if you already are a client.

Implementation: Step by step

Below is an overview of what the implementation process looks like.

Introduction to Visma Nmbrs - important for subsequently formulating the objectives and strategy for the conversion in the Roll Out plan.

The second step is to select a training course that will improve your knowledge of Visma Nmbrs.

After this, you should configure the system and prepare the conversion. The master level needs to be set up as fully as possible before you start the conversion.

The next step is the actual conversion. The prepared import sheets are imported; then you verify the data in the system.

Visma Nmbrs is fully set up and all customers will use the system live, so you can process all your payments using Nmbrs. In this step, you must execute runs, grant customers and employees access to Nmbrs® and monitor and use the workflow.

After the go-live, the whole project is evaluated to see what went well and what needs improvement.


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