Step 4 - Conversion

This article is about Step 4 - Conversion. The import sheets are imported and then you verify the data in the system.



Choose a converter
Choose an import tool based on the current location of the data to be imported. Using the selected tool, export all companies to be converted to the Nmbrs® import sheet. From the import sheet, the data are imported into Nmbrs®.


Executing the Start-up Wizard and Year Transit

Start-up wizard 
To be able to prepare recently imported companies (new customers or all companies during a conversion) for the Go-Live step in the end, the Start-up wizard has been added. Using the Start-up wizard, you can convert the companies under each tag to 'test company', then prepare for the year end (delete runs, convert company starting period and starting year to the new year), and finally deactivate the 'test company' check box for all companies.

Year transit
After running the Start-up wizard, you can run the Year End so that the active year for the company is the new (coming) year. The Year Transit wizard executes six tasks. Three of these six tasks are optional and can be selected or deselected in the Year Transit wizard.

Shadow run

The idea of the shadow run in the current year is that you do the salary processing in both the previous payroll software and Nmbrs® for several periods. This allows you to become familiar with Nmbrs® and any differences will quickly become evident. You can go through the following steps:

  • Import the relevant companies for the desired starting period of the current year.
  • Process the last periods of the year and execute this shadow run alongside the previous payroll software. Avoid duplicate entries. Process the imported employees to verify whether the company is correctly configured.
  • After the year has been completed and verified, you can delete all executed runs and planned workflow actions via the Start-up wizard. The company is now ready for the year transit.
  • Any missing items, such as reserve saldo, annual salaries special rate and leave saldo, can be added in January of the new year in Nmbrs®.


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