Step 2 - Training

The second step is to select a training course that will improve your knowledge of Nmbrs®.

Before starting on Nmbrs® and the conversion process, you need to get to know the system. Different training courses can be undertaken for each role in the implementation process.

You can take the Start Up training course for setting up Nmbrs® and converting data. You'll learn how to configure the most important features at Accountants level during this course, as well as the most efficient way of converting data from other applications.

You can take the beginners training course to learn how to use Nmbrs®. During this course you'll discover how to use the workflow and create and set up a company so you can go on to process the payroll run and carry out checks.

This course is also available in e-learning format:

E-learning Nmbrs® Accountant Beginners (takes ca 45 min.)


For the current overview of the available e-learning and training possiblities:

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