Step 1 - Objectives and strategy

This article provides further information about the content of Step 1 - Objective and strategy from the implementation process.

After the introduction of Nmbrs® it is important to establish the objective and planning of the implementation. A team will also have to be set up to carry out the implementation, and various data will have to be collected.


Size of companies and employees
Start by making an inventory of the number of companies and employees per company / per collective labor agreement. Make a split between normal and '' special ''.

  • Total number of companies.
  • Total number of employees per company
  • Split a large number of employees into companies; companies with 3 or less employees, 4 to 10 employees, 11 to 50 employees and more than 50 employees.
  • Make a order of the companies to be converted: start with a relatively simple company and end with the most difficult.
  • Make a list of '' specials '': employees who cannot participate in the standard implementation plan and earn their own conversion plan. Think, for example, of employees with a 30% scheme or special application of payroll taxes and social insurance. Discuss this with the payroll administrator.

Make an inventory of the integrations that are used
Start in time with an inventory of all integrations used, for example:

  • Accounting software (does the customer receive journal entries in a specific format?).
  • Planning and / or time registration software.
  • Performance management software.
  • Software for absence.
  • Other business tools, such as Excel or other reporting tools.
  • Determine the stakeholders.

The choice for a new HR and salary system affects various stakeholders: of course the HR and salary experts, but also the management, managers and employees and accountants responsible for the monthly accounting. During the conversion project, these stakeholders must be well informed about: the choice (why), the way in which you design the project and the progress of the project.

Assemble an implementation team
An implementation is certainly not something you 'do' with it; make capacity available for this. A good implementation team consists of different disciplines. Have someone who is not involved in implementing the implementation monitor the progress of the project. If certain (salary) knowledge is not available, consider the Nmbrs® Up & Go program and contact sales.



Based on the Inventory and the training courses to be followed, we recommend establishing a planning of implementation. The purpose of the start-up planning is to be able to reward your company in Nmbrs® according to the game's objective and planning. To this end, a definitive implementation must have taken place of the (salary) master data of the companies and employees from the previous salary package to Nmbrs®. This should be done in such a way that the salary administrators can process the selected companies / employees without (many) additional checks and / or adjustments.


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