Global Update Notes 02-12-2021

We just finished the update of 02-12-2021.


New design HR Workflows dashlet (ESS)

The HR Workflow dashlet has received a make-over, to be more inline with the new design, and to make it more clear to see the status.

New design Mutation forms dashlet (ESS)

The Mutation forms dashlet for the ESS also received a brush-up, making it more in line with the new look & feel of the ESS portal.

New design Documents dashlet (ESS)

The Documents dashlet received a new look & feel. It’s now easier for an employee to see how many documents have been shared, and only recent documents are shown in the dashlet. Especially for employees for whom a lot of documents have been made visible, this will be an improvement.

Counters on all dashlets clickable (ESS)

Based on user feedback of the new design, we made it possible for the employees to click a counter in a dashlet and be redirected, similar to clicking on 'more…'.

Solved bug

Master level overviews: department empty for some employees

The overviews containing departments on master level were not capable of supporting debtor companies with different period types, which resulted in some 'empty' departments. This is fixed, so now all period types are supported.


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