Global Update Notes 13-10-2021

We just finished the update of 13-10-2021.


Import / update in selected period

It is now possible to import or update data in a selected period. When you change the period of a company, the data for that selected period is imported / updated.
This is only possible with company level imports or updates; at master or debtor level, the current period is always used.

Default holiday model for new companies

When creating a new company, we now add the default holiday model.

Solved bugs

Field freezes or flickers when changing password

The characters \ and " caused the password field to freeze or flicker; this is solved.

Journals: error message visible after triggering recalculation

After clicking in a journal salary document and if the journals were not calculated, the recalculation led to an unjustified error message being shown. This no longer occurs.


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