Global Update Notes 06-10-2021

We just finished the update of 06-10-2021.


New gender options for import template

As the gender options in Nmbrs were extended, these new options have been added to the import file template as well.

Editing a signed document

After enabling the deletion of a signed document, it is now also possible to add validity dates, a document number and a description. Next to that, a signed document will always be marked as visible to an employee.

All that’s left is to make the folders also editable, which is something we will pick up next.

Extra filter for HR Workflow overview

We added a company filter to the HR Workflow overview. Especially for larger organizations, it is useful to be able to filter on company, as there can be a lot of HR Workflows active in parallel.

Solved bugs

Error when adding multiple managers to department

Adding a second manager to a department was giving an error, but now it's possible to assign multiple managers.

[Accountant website] Images won't load

Added images were not visible on the accountant website, but this is solved.


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