Global Update Notes 01-09-2021

We just finished the update of 01-09-2021. 


Change password if not done yet

Following this update, users who have not yet changed their passwords will be forced to do so at the next login attempt to comply with our latest password policy. The reference date is 11-03-2021.


Signed documents can be deleted

As mentioned in the update notes of last week, we enabled the deletion of signed documents. Next up: adding the possibility to save and edit a description and date for signed documents.

HR Workflows overview available for Accountant logins

In the course of Thursday 02-09, we will make the HR Workflow Overview selectable for Accountant user templates. This overview will be available on debtor level at Overviews.

Solved bugs

Error messages interactive payslip

The error messages that occurred:

  • when using compensation hours (H9111); or
  • when using paid parental leave

have been fixed.


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