Global Update Notes 25-08-2021

We just finished the update of 25-08-2021. 


Change password if not done yet

With next week's update (September 1st), users who did not change their password yet will be forced to reset their password in the next login attempt, to be compliant with our latest password policy.


All salary options added to mutation forms Contract Proposal and Extend Contract

With this update we added all salary options to the two forms Contract Proposal and Extend Contract, which are used a lot in the HR Workflows.

Detail page for ESS employee documents

In the past, the ESS of Visma Nmbrs only showed documents in a dashlet. From now on, it’s also possible to open this on a detail page. That way the folders can be used more, and we can start limiting the amount of documents in the dashlet.
This detail page also helps for the future development of the signed documents available to employees at Documents.

Deletion of signed documents

With the latest update we have enabled the deletion of signed documents in the Document Signing dashlet. In the next update we will also enable the deletion option in the Employee Documents dashlet.

Options to turn off the social securities for an employee

For some scenarios, it's possible to turn off the employer contributions. Currently we support this for SINK 25% and Tax Relief 25%.

Now we support:

  1. A1 intyg, a certification in EU that states in which country you pay social securities.
  2. Employees that they know will earn less than 1000 kr per year.

Dropdown improvements

The drop-down menus in Visma Nmbrs have been thoroughly redesigned and rebuilt, to be able to handle more usage scenarios. For example: going up instead of down when being at the bottom of the page, going to the left when there’s no more space on the right and so on. This is part of the aim of making Visma Nmbrs more responsive and working better in different screen sizes.

Solved bugs

Selecting salary tables in New employee mutation form

In the new employee mutation form we solved multiple bugs in relation to archived salary tables still pickable and debtor salary tables not pickable.

SCB and SN statistics export results in Oops page

When you created a statistics export via the ‘Statistics export' details dashlet on company level, it would produce an Oops page. This does not happen anymore.

Salary tables in New employee wizard

After selecting a salary table in the New employee wizard, it was not possible to continue. The salary table was only selectable after creating the employee. This is now solved.

Sorting documents

Sorting employee documents did not function correctly when the number of the day was higher than the number of the month. This is solved.

Tooltips not giving tips

On some buttons and in tables, the tooltips did not provide information anymore. From now on they do again.


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