Global Update Notes 07-06-2021

We just finished the update of 07-06-2021. 

Upcoming improvement

Folders at Documents

For documents there was always a somewhat hidden way to create folders. Uploading a document at Personal Information would create a folder for that employee, called Personal Information. In the next regular update, we will make it more clear that there are folders that can be used. We will pre-select folders when uploading, and when uploading at the Documents feature, all folders can be chosen.


HR Workflow to change salary

With the HR Workflow feature being used more and more, we’ve received requests to also add an HR Workflow to change the salary. Per request this is something that is started by the manager, but if you’d like, you can make it also available for the employee.

Solved bugs

New employee wizard

Based on feedback received and bugs found, we did multiple improvements on the new employee wizard. Some we managed to fix during the week without any downtime, some require(d) an update with downtime.

Fixed on 01-06 (without downtime)

  • Pressing twice is not needed anymore, one time will do
  • Dates are formatted automatically (e.g. 01072021 becomes 01-07-2021)
  • If gender is required, you can not continue without filling this in
  • You can now use both dot and comma now

Update of 07-06 (with downtime)

  • It's possible to copy former payroll employees as well
  • Multiple salary table issues are resolved
  • Start date for contract is copied from in-service date
  • Employee type 'Payroll' is pre-selected when using Actions -> New employee
  • Postal codes also work for External employees
  • Specific errors thrown when creating employees in companies with Occupational health services are prevented since today

We are continuing to look into the feedback we receive about the changes. Based on the feedback we received for the content of the wizard for type 'New hire', we are already working on a solution with less required fields. This is currently planned to go live with the regular update of 17-06.

Debtor list of documents not shown

On debtor or master level, the documents list and pop-up for e.g. 'Provided items' would not open. This works again.

Parental leave: limit for earning vacation incorrect after holiday year transit

We handled the limit of holiday pay incorrectly for employees that have been on parental leave. Some employees got incorrect earned days after the holiday year transit in 2021. This is fixed now.

Parental leave: time registration code 1043 current period for PIA true companies

We had an issue where users that input code 1043 in the time registration and chose 'current period' did not count towards the amount of days you can be on parental leave and still earning holidays. It’s correct now.


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