Global Update Notes 22-08-2019

We just finished the update of 22-08-2019.


Employee Settings Default Employee

While creating or transitioning the employee to a new type (from Applicant to New Hire for example) it's now possible to apply the default employee settings. When using the three system HR Workflows we've provided, all the information of the employee will be correct, and they cover all the information of the New Employee Wizard.

New employee type

The period in between the signing of a contract, and actually starting working inside a company was not yet supported in the product. With our HR Workflows, we saw that for some of our user there was a need for a new type, the New Hire.

Upgrade dashlet 'Cases'

With all the new system HR Workflows, we thought it was time to give the 'Cases' page on employee-level also a nice upgrade. From now on, it has a brand new look, with suggested HR Workflows, a timeline and a new name: 'HR Workflows'.

Soon we will provide the option to select for every HR Workflow for which employee type it is applicable.


From now on, the hamburger-menu is also available under 'My account' (only visible to account-owners).

Active task mail

The mail, that is sent to a user that has an active task, was changed to encourage the user to execute the task.

Applicant/new hire login

In our new system HR Workflows, we support the process of giving tasks to an applicant, filling forms and digital signing. However, there was not a system template to support this. We now have a system template that can be used for Applicants/New hires to log in, into the Nmbrs® platform.

Asynch calls

New calls are available:

  • Reports_Accountant_Company_CompanyWageComponentsPerPeriod
  • Reports_Accountant_Debtor_CompanySalarySettings
  • Reports_Accountant_CompanySVWSettings
  • Reports_Accountant_Debtor_CompanySVWSettings
  • Reports_Accountant_Company_CompanyWageComponentsPerRun



API call Personalinfo_Update 

This call was giving an Unknown Error 9999 because the call was used to make a change in a past period. From now on this call can be used for previous period of an employee.

API call Employment_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

When it too much data was retrieved, this call was giving a time-out. From now on it will work again.

Closed dates of HR Tasks were not correct

Whenever a user closed a task inside an HR Workflow, the closed date would show 01-01-70. From now on it will show the actual date that it was closed on.






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