Global Update Notes 25-07-2019

We just finished the update of 25-07-2019. 


On Employee List department and function aren't ordered

The department and function filters in the employee list were not ordered logically. From now both filters are ordered by description and the same pattern was applied on proper dashlets. 

Renaming HR Manager template

With all the new functionality that we are adding to the HR Workflows, we found out that the naming of one of our system templates (Accountant HR Manager login) made it unclear for which users this template is applicable. This template is for the users that will setup the HR structure within a company, define the functions/departments and are in charge of the processes captured in the HR workflows. New name: HR Manager.


One Time Tax percentage is incorrect when there is no active service interval

When an employee goes out of service, in the period after the employee has been reported out of service, the one time tax was wrong. This is now calculated correct.



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