Global Update Notes 01-08-2019

We just finished the update of 01-08-2019


Auto-assigning tasks of an HR Workflow via HR signals

Automatically assigning tasks from an HR Workflow was already working, when creating an HR Workflow on employee-level as a user. We now added an improvement so that this also happens when this HR Workflow is not created by a user, but because of an HR Signal. 

Relevant Holiday Mobile App

The recent activities was showing your last scheduled holidays. Now you can look at it with a new hope as we changed that for showing what are your next upcoming holidays.

Notifications with more information

The mutation forms notification on mobile didn't say which kind of Mutation you had approved. Well, now they do!

Contracts are downloadable

Previously, your subscription contract was only sent by e-mail. Now we are saving and giving out customers the option to download their subscriptions contracts.




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