Global Update Notes 23-05-2019

We just finished the update of 23-05-2019.


Pay holiday allowance (same wage principle) in specific period

From now on you can choose in which month(s) you want to pay the holiday allowance for the same wage principle (entitled at start of year = false). The three options that are available are the following:

  1. With holiday take up
  2. One specific period
  3. Two specific periods

A new option is added for this in the leave dashlet. For more information please check this article.


Payroll reports no longer includes all employee types

Previously some payroll reports showed all employee types. With this update the available employee types in the reports is fixed.

For the following payroll reports only employee types payroll and former payroll will be available:

  • Employee Contract (new) (Master & Debtor level)





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