Global Update Notes 21-02-2019

We just finished the update of 21-02-2019. Underneath you can read the improvements and bug that we solved in this update.


1.048.576 rows in 1 sheet

Currently, 50.000 rows/sheet is the maximum amount of rows you can export in an Excel file. The 50.001th row would be placed on a new sheet. With this update, this limitation will no longer exist, the amount of rows per sheet is 1.048.576!

SE: fk 060, box 39 and G11005 are added to the AGI

The workplace number fk 060 and box 39 are added to the AGI with this update. Further, G11005 is added to 'KontantErsattningUlagAG' and 'SkatteplOvrigaFormanerUlagAG' in the AGI.

SE: AGI correction value added to overview and PDF file

To indicate the correction value remaining of the previous AGI export, the "Total to pay correction previous export" value is added to the overview and the PDF file for the AGI.

SE: Kontrolluppgifter and wage tax declaration hidden

With this update the Kontrolluppgifter and wage tax declaration dashlets are shown at the bottom and the AGI on top.

3 decimals for the leave percentage instead of 2

For the percentage rule or the same wage principle it was only possible to round the leave percentage on 2 decimals. Some Swedish labour agreements require 3 decimals. We made an improvement for this and from now on it is possible to add 3 decimals for the leave settings percentage.



Broken hyperlink in resent signal

Whenever a signal is sent a second or third time from the sent signals dashlet, the hyperlink will not work correctly. It is shown in plain text. With this update, the text will be a hyperlink again.





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