Global Update Notes 31-01-2019

We just finished the update of 31-01-2019.

Improvements / New features

New sickness calculation (Karensavdrag)

For SE there is a setting in the leave model called karensdag. When this setting is true then in years < 2019, the first day of sickness is unpaid. In 2019 there is a new calculation for this. If an employee has a karensdag, then the first day of sickness of the sick period he gets a deduction on his gross payment, called karensavdrag. This will be deducted on wage code 2345.


Run check misses wage tax number warning

When creating a wage tax declaration, the run checker did not give an error or warning that the wage tax number was missing. This warning has been added to the run checker.

Wrong value fiscal wage in footer of payslip

This impacted the tooltip and the "Taxable wage incl. benefits Cum." field on the swedish payslip. The formula was being calculated incorrectly, so the gross wage field and the total field had incorrect values. This has been fixed; the total value on the "Taxable wage incl. benefits Cum." field should also be correct now.

Workflow Wizard: Journal entries error

When using the workflow wizard on master level, it was possible to get an 'Object reference' error. With this update we fixed this error.

Workflow Task List

When using the workflow task list on master level, it was possible that the action and/or signal was executed multiple times. This should now be fixed.


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