Global Update Notes 27-05-2021

We just finished the update of 27-05-2021. 

New feature

[API] New call available: Contract_Update

In the Nmbrs webapp, it is already possible to edit contracts. Now that functionality is also available via the API. Instead of deleting and creating new contracts, it's possible to update a specific contract.


Makeover for New employee wizard

A selection of the improvements we did:

  • The ‘New employee wizard’ can be used for types Applicant, New Employee, Payroll and External.
  • The interface is based on a new technology and has become more user-friendly, for example warnings and mandatory fields will only become visible and/or red in the event of an error.
  • Depending on the employee type, certain fields will be required.
  • When switching types, the information already filled will be remembered.
  • The ‘New employee wizard’ is linked to the Employee list from the left menu. If one type of employee and one company is selected in the Employee list, the correct type is immediately selected in the wizard.

Overview of all product feedback being developed

To make it more transparent which product feedback topics are being developed we created a big list of all feedback in progress / being developed on the Community. See the list here.

.png extension allowed for favicons

Of course we like our own Visma Nmbrs favicon, but if you want to change it, it is now easier to do so. Since browsers now also support the .png extension for the favicon, we added that option.

Search, sort and filter documents

We received quite some wishes through our Community to improve the usability of the document feature. One of the smaller improvements we could already implement is to enable searching, sorting and filtering on all levels, as asked for in this, this and this wish.

We will continue on improving the functionality of the (signed) documents the coming period.

Company name in Task Activation e-mail

Because of this wish, we added the company name as a token in the system e-mail template that a user receives when a task for him/her has been activated.

Time Registration overview: paid parental leave

We added the paid parental leave to the (new) Time Registration overview.

Solved bugs

[API] List_GetAll not returning associated debtors

Now the call List_GetAll on debtor level is returning the debtor associated with the company login users again, as it used to before.

Employee leave settings: percentage rule with labor agreement

In companies using the same wage principle by default, the wrong amount of leave settings was displayed for employees that have a labor agreement with the percentage rule. We fixed this display issue.

Time registration items register as open

Accountants can create open time registration entries. However, if you are in another than the current period (via the period picker) and then go to the current period and try to insert an entry, an error popup appears. After refreshing the page, you have a time registration entry that is open.
For this scenario you need to go to unprotected mode to add a time registration entry; then it will be created correctly.


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