Global Update Notes 06-05-2021

We just finished the update of 06-05-2021. 

New feature

Overview Time Registration

We added an overview for the Time Registration. Next to the time registration codes, we also show the status of the time registration entry.
This new overview is available on master, debtor, company and employee level.


Employee Leave settings: possibility to save empty values

An employee can have a change in Leave settings during his/her employment time. There’s also a scenario where the employee should follow the labour agreement. It was not possible to choose to follow the labour agreement settings.
We now made it possible to save empty values in the Employee Leave Settings dashlet, if so the employee will follow the default settings. For the first day of sickness you now have the option to follow default settings.

Easier way to navigate from employee to employee

When using the Employee list, it was not possible to click through a created list of employees. From now on it is possible to make a certain list of employees with the Employee list. The buttons in the breadcrumb bar will bring you to the next employees, based on that list.

Solved bugs

Hogia converter: error

The Hogia converter was throwing an error when used, this was fixed this week.

Hogia converter: wrong import file

The import file that the Hogia converter produced was not correct, which meant that the import would fail. This has also been fixed.

Mutation forms approver page refreshes too often

When setting filters on the Mutation form approver page, the page would refresh after closing a mutation form, removing the filter. This will not happen anymore: the page won’t refresh and the filters will be remembered.

Digital signing stability

In very rare cases, an employee did not see the task to sign a document, even though the task was assigned to an active employee login. This was fixed as part of our ongoing improvements on the stability of the digital signing feature.

Not possible to drag & drop tasks in the HR Workflow Settings

Last Monday we fixed the problem of not being able to drag & drop tasks in the HR Workflow Settings, in an update that didn’t require any downtime.


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