Global Update Notes 29-04-2021

We just finished the update of 29-04-2021. 

New features

Mobile app: change password

It is now possible to change the password through the mobile app.


New user interface

As we already announced in one of the previous update notes, our Visma Nmbrs interface has gotten a make-over with this update: some colour changes in the left-menu and header, some logo changes (only if the theme is not customized) and the left-menu is now collapsable.

More information about the changes can be found here.

Do you want to update your marketing material of Visma Nmbrs as well? Find our latest logo’s and favicon here. Do you like our brand-new version of the Nmbrs Blue as much as we do? It’s called Nmbrs Cool and the hex-code is #1C98EB.

Documents & Action points: speed improvement

We improved the way Visma Nmbrs handles requests to add or edit Documents & Action points. With this latest improvement, the time it takes to open the pop-up and to send in the change has decreased.

Mobile app: feedback cycle in Time registration

We have added the feedback cycle to the Time registration, so employees who use it will sometimes be prompted to give feedback on it.

Mobile app: Store reviews in Leave

We have added the app review prompts to the Leave module so people who use it will sometimes be prompted to rate the app.

Company leave settings: edit holiday year

When you open the company leave settings dashlet, we now show the values that are predefined according to the labour agreement. If you open the dashlet when you've saved settings then these should show when you edit the leave setting.

Time Registration: schedule

An employee might click on the schedule (grey area) in the Time Registration because we showed the hand icon. However, after clicking he would see the error message 'You don't have the rights to change'. Now we don't show the hand icon anymore when you hoover over the schedule and it isn't clickable anymore either so the employee won't get an error message. 

Cancel reporting

When an employee presses 'Cancel reporting' (option available after you've sent in a report) then it automatically cancelled the registered codes. We now change so that the entries go from 'Sent' to 'Open'.

Solved bugs

Unable to create employee (page keeps loading)

Because the titles for all employees of a certain company failed to load, it was not possible to create a new employee. This is fixed.

Header interactive payslip

The columns of the header of the interactive payslip weren't aligned anymore, now they are again.

Time Registration: scroll bar

The scrollbar for the calendar could show up on the wrong place for employee login; not anymore.

Vacation end payment for Tax form: FA

When an employee with Tax form: FA would go out of service and vacation end payment is paid out, we didn't deduct any taxes.
Now employees that have the Employee tax setting Tax form: FA are treated the same like tax form A when it comes to tax deductions.

History for Tax form doesn't show properly

We now show the correct data for the employee Tax form in the history.

Paid parental leave entries invisible

The employee paid parental leave entries were invisible on the employee level dashlet. They are visible again.


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