Global Update Notes 15-04-2021

We just finished the update of 15-04-2021. 


New UI coming up

Our Visma Nmbrs interface is going to get a make-over with next week’s update. There will be some colour changes on the left-menu & header and logo changes this will only happen when the theme of the environment is not customized. Also the way the left-menu works will become collapsable.

More information about the upcoming changes can be found here.


Digital Signing + HR Workflow with a specific user

 It is now possible for a manager login to create a signing box for specific users. If based on the HR Workflow Settings it is defined that a manager draws the signing boxes for a specific user with the company login user type, the manager is now able to see that user. 

Solved Bugs

Digital Signing stability improved

The Digital Signing feature is improved.

Not possible to create a new document type on company level

Now it is possible again to change the document type on company level.

HR Workflow tables

The Lay-out of the HR workflow tables is improved with this update. 



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