Global Update Notes 08-04-2021

We just finished the update of 08-04-2021. 


Hour model picker shows number as well

The hour model picker now shows, besides the name, the number of the hour model as well.

Hide Dutch salary documents

We removed the Dutch salary documents 'Company wage components' and 'Cumulative company wage components' from view for our Swedish customers.

Documents & Action Points pop-ups

The pop-ups for adding Action Points and Documents have been given a makeover.
This is in line with upcoming improvements to the functionality and UI of the Documents feature.

Education feature improved

We have removed the Education feature from the large Nmbrs application and placed it in a so-called micro-service. This ensures that future improvements on the feature can be done in a faster way and without requiring down-time for an update. The entire interface of this feature has also been improved and brought in line with our new design.

Solved bugs

Holiday year transit may incorrectly transit leftover to year 1

If the option 'Entitled at start year' = true, then in some situations the holiday year transit inserted a wrong number of days to transit to leftover year 1. Not anymore.

Service level order in Shop

The order of the service levels was incorrect after the change in the pricing. This has been corrected, so now the lower prices should again show up first.

Not all employees exported

An export on any other level than company level resulted in a partial export, containing only a few employees. This has been fixed and all applicable employees are exported again.

Some special character combinations break setting of password

This is fixed.

User account can change email address

From now on, the user cannot change the email address after the activation email has been sent. Once the API token is added, the email address cannot be changed anymore either.

Issues when setting up integration Visma eAccounting &

The token we received was larger than the size we allocated to that field in the database, therefore we adjusted the specification to match its actual size.


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