Global Update Notes 12-12-2018

We just finished the update of 12-12-2018. This update contains the following improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and new features

Workflow top-level accountant

At the highest level of the workflow, only for accountant environments, we build an improvement. From now on the data will no longer be loaded immediately after Workflow has been clicked in the left menu, but a choice can be made first which data has to be loaded.

In addition, the data is displayed using 'pagination'. This means that there is a maximum of results per page (50 at this time).


  • Clicking on the workflow page means no more waiting until everything is loaded
  • You can immediately choose which data you want to see
  • The page has become more clear because there is not too much data to see
  • No scroll without end

Social security number digits changed

The social security number in Sweden exists of 12 digits. The social security number in Nmbrs for most employees were filled in with 10 digits (excluding the century based figures). As of Januari 2019 the AGI exports are required to be sent with 12 digits social security number. With this update the social security numbers that were already filled in with 10 digits are corrected with the missing century figures. As of this update, it is only possible to fill in a 12 digit social security number.

Loading improvement payslips

Opening the pop-up for payslips could take some time, especially for companies with many employees. With this update, we made an improvement to minimize this time to open the pop-up.



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