Global Update Notes 25-03-2021

We just finished the update of 25-03-2021. 

Password policy

Password policy change

Our password policy will change with this update. We recommend to reset the password afterwards, in order to comply, for security reasons, as soon as possible with the new policy. During a period of three months, you will still be able to use the old password, but after that period we will force a password change. The new password policy has the the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 15 characters
  • Needs to contain one uppercase letter
  • Needs to contain one lowercase letter
  • Needs to contain one number
  • Needs to contain one special character
  • Can not be a common password
  • May not contain the words 'Nmbrs' or 'Visma'

For more details see our news article: Upcoming changes in our password policy from March 11


Time interval between (re)sending confirmation or 'unknown IP' email

In order to avoid email bombing in case of a n attempted hacking attack, we decided to limit the amount of emails sent to the user. This means that there will be an time interval of 5 minutes before the user will receive another email in case of a password reset or unknown IP address.

Sign-up illustration changed

The sign-up illustration is now the same as the one on the login page.

Sign-up complies with new password policy

As announced above, the password policy has changed. The sign-up of new accounts will also comply with this new policy.

Collectum overview

Since a couple of weeks we support the creation of Collectum files. We now improved the overview, making it more clear what the content of the file is. All documentation about Collectum can be found in this news article.

Import based on settings default employee

We added a new field on the employee tab of the import sheet. This 'Default employee' field will accept the name of a default employee and will use that to import all settings present in that default employee to the newly created one, instead of using values from the import sheet.
If this field is left empty then the values from the import sheet will be used just like before.

Shop employee count

The employee count in the Shop was very different from the real value that is run every month. This has been improved, so now the value is closer to the actual value.

Solved bugs

Sign-up page loads slowly

The loading time of the signup page would be quite long, creating a bad user experience. This has been fixed.

Absence registration report on PDF not showing all departments

When downloading to PDF, the Absence registration report did not show all departments. We fixed the following reports:

  • Debtor Level: Absence registration report
  • Debtor Level: Absence overview report
  • Company Level: Absence registration report
  • Company Level: Absence overview report

Long error message when sending journals through Workflow

This has been fixed.

No calculation social security part of sick value B20110

The social security part of the sick value of B20110 (used in the Swedish wage tax declaration) was not calculated for employees aged 18-22. This is now solved.

Logged out after 30 minutes

An improvement we did in the previous update had as a side effect that users were logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. We changed this, so now users are logged out only after 60 minutes of inactivity.


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