Global Update Notes 04-03-2021

We just finished the update of 04-03-2021. 

New features


We now fully support the creating of the Collectum files.

Reports Leave overview

New leave overview reports are available through the API. That is a major improvement for partners that need to extract leave data from Nmbrs. Instead of the call Leave_GetList from the Employee Service, the following new calls from the Report Service can be used, with much more efficiency:

  • Reports_Accountant_Debtor_EmployeeStatutoryLeave_Background
  • Reports_Accountant_Company_EmployeeStatutoryLeave_Background


Mobile app (latest version): age removed from birthdays

It is not necessary to include the actual age of employees when displaying the birthdays. We therefore removed this information.

Mobile app: mechanism to force update

We launched a mechanism to prevent people from using the app until they update it to a certain version. In future this will allow us to define a minimum version that we support, meaning a more secure and up to date mobile app for everyone.

Offline Converter: rows in import sheet locked

Like in all other export functionalites, the top two rows in the importsheet created in the offline converter are now blocked by default. Since they cannot be edited anymore, this prevents subsequent errors in the the import.

Offline converter: documents visible for employee

We added an option in the document converter to specify whether the files you are importing should be visible for the employees or not.

Solved bugs

Mobile app: multiple TouchIDs in iOS

In iOS you could be requested to use TouchID several times instead of just once. That is no longer the case after this update.

Mobile app: annual Statement not visible

In some specific cases, the annual statement was not being shown as should. This has now been fixed.

XML converter: error with button 'New upload'

The button for doing a new upload in the XML converter was not working. Now it redirects back, as it should.

Import error causes bad user experience

If an import gave an error and failed, the component to upload the import file still showed but did not work anymore, meaning the user had to go back anyway to start the new upload. This is fixed: the error now appears with the 'back' arrow and the upload component is not shown in that page anymore.

Offline Converter: false negatives

The Document converter was giving some false negative notifications. This no longer happens now.

Offline Converter: documents of only one employee

With the Document converter it was not possible to import the files of just one employee: in that case the documents of all employees in the company were imported. That has now been fixed.

Hogia Converter not working

Hogia changed their database version, meaning we had to do the same on our side (in our conversion database) as soon as we found out. Now this is done, our Swedish customers can continue converting their payslips.

Not possible to use '*' character in Twinfield settings

Due to a validation we introduced some weeks ago, it was not possible to use an asterisk (*) in dimensions 1, 2 and 3 anymore. Now this is possible again.


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