Global Update Notes 25-02-2021

We just finished the update of 25-02-2021. 


Upcoming changes user interface

In the coming weeks we will perform some more changes to the UI of Nmbrs, mostly regarding the colours we use. This fits in our strategy to improve readibility of Nmbrs for all our users, by following the web content accessibility guidelines.

Upcoming change in password policy

Our password policy will change with the update of March 11 and we recommend to reset the password afterwards, in order to be be compliant with the new policy as soon as possible. There will be a period of three months in which you will be able to use the old password, but after that period we will force a password change. The new password policy will have these requirements:

  • minimum of 15 characters;
  • not possible to use common passwords;
  • not possible to use the words 'Visma' or 'Nmbrs' in the password.

For more details see our news article: Upcoming changes in our password policy from March 11


HR document: new token for current date

We launched a token for the current date. This token automatically generates the current date of the creation of the document, and can be found in the section 'Other'.

User interface: new image on the login page

We changed the image on the login page it to better represent the action that the user is doing.

Changed password rules

We were allowing only the use of 5 specific special characters and mentioning those in the validation message. For security reasons we extended the use of special characters and created a generic validation message.

Lock Import Sheet

The import sheet can't have its 2 top rows changed, as that breaks the import. However, this sometimes happened by mistake anyway, when editing the files. To prevent this, we have now locked those 2 title rows, so they cannot accidently be changed.

Solved bugs

HR Workflow: email not being sent

The email regarding an active task was not being sent to the users. This is fixed since Tuesday.

User interface: new period picker color scheme not clear

After we changed the colors of the period picker, we found out that the new colors were not clear enough to show that the user was in a past or future period. We've changed the colors to a bright red and orange and gave the Actions button the same look.

Toolbar for hours model missing

The toolbar of the hours model had been removed by accident, so we have placed it back.

User interface: missing buttons

After a recent change affecting all Nmbrs buttons, some had disappeared:

  • the button to download the page to pdf on Leave & Personal info pages;
  • the button to create a new snapshot after deleting one;
  • the count-button from the Run counter after selecting an option;
  • the download-button after selecting the correction-option at Invoicing.

All these buttons have been put back where they belong.

Import / export: import tree not showing

Because the import tree was not showing, it was not clear anymore what data was in the importsheet. That issue is solved and the import tree is visible again.

Time registration: weekly and daily view

The registered time was not showing up anymore in the weekly and daily views, it was not possible to select the calendar anymore and the fulltime schedule was not visible. All these issues have been solved now.

SIE file not exporting alphanumeric cost units

This is fixed.

New lower social securities: wage-tax overview and payslip footer

The new lower social securities for employees between 18-22 years did not show on the 'Total pay' part in the wage-tax overview, but now they do.

These values have been added to the footer of the payslip as well.

Overview employee wage-tax settings incorrect

The overview of the employee wage-tax settings could show incorrect information: the detailpage and the settings (popup) could be inconsistent. This is fixed now.

Reporting Framework V2: misalignment of 'Save as' button

In the filter location of the Reporting Framework V2 , the 'Save as' button was not aligned with the filter dropdown. This is fixed.

Empty pdf when downloading HR dashboard

When downloading to pdf any of the HR Dashboards, the pdf remained empty. Not anymore!

XML converter not working

The XML converter was not generating the expected import sheet with data. This has now been fixed, the converter should be working as expected.

Employee with wrong company ID

When trying to insert an employee with a wrong company ID, a 'null reference' generic error was displayed. Now the proper message is shown.

Demo not working with broken Task service

If the Task service was failing, the demos could not work properly. This has been changed: they are no longer interdependent, meaning the demos will always work.


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